20 October 2013

KY Visit

I got back from KY this past Friday, and I have to say I had a great time. It was beautiful, warm, almost like a vacation. Even got to do some touristy stuff with a friend! It was amazing. Much better than my last visit to KY.

Oh, and the equine hospitals I visited were pretty awesome too. I saw lots of surgeries, which was nice after not seeing many while here in the UK. And if I'm offered an internship at either of the hospitals I visited, I think I'd probably accept with no qualms.

Of course, I really hope that I'll get time off to attend graduation, since they both start by the end of June.

Also, RP2 first draft is complete and sent off to my advisor! That's a big weight off my back. Now it's just the waiting game until she sends it back with edits. Hopefully it's not too many.

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