17 November 2013

What a week.

Last week was a tumultuous week for me.

I haven't posted it here, mostly because it was really depressing and partly because I didn't really want to say anything. I put my lovely little ginger man, Rory, to sleep on Monday. He started to get sick mid-way through October and as the weeks wore on, it was clear that he had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). My heart is a bit broken still, but I'm glad he's at rest. He was very ill towards the end and euthanasia was the kindest thing. I did stay with him until the end, because I couldn't stand leaving him. He knew my love in his last moments, and for that I'm forever grateful.

Tuesday was pretty rough; I was on rotation at Beaumont (small animal first opinion practice run by the RVC) and thankfully, everyone was very understanding. I managed to get through the day, get home, have a good cry over Rory's blanket, and sleep.

Wednesdays, it seems, have always been one of those days for me. I got my invitation to interview at RVC on a Wednesday, got a promotion at my old job on a Wednesday, and I got accepted to RVC on a Wednesday. This Wednesday, it seems, was no different. I woke up early, mostly because my body was still used to getting up early to fix Rory something to tempt him to eat. I took a glance at my phone and saw that I had an email from Dr W at Rood and Riddle offering me an internship position at the Saratoga NY practice.

Pretty much the second I read that I was awake. And freaking out. I think I said "holy sh*t, oh my God" about a dozen times over. Because this is exactly what I wanted. I loved my visit to Rood and Riddle last month, and was mentally praying that I would get a position there, either at the Lexington or Saratoga hospital (secretly hoping the Saratoga one, because it's closer to home and lots of friends).

So on the heels of great sadness came this amazing news that I am one step closer to realizing my goal to be an equine surgeon. It took me a few days to process this, and it still doesn't feel real. I'm still overwhelmingly sad over my loss of my sweet cat, but so happy and thrilled that I've got a plan set for after graduation.

My good friend S (from my rotation group) said that maybe this is Rory taking care of me because I took such good care of him. Silly, I know, but the sentiment was touching.

Anyway, that's been my last few weeks. Emotionally exhausting. Next up, I'm in Wales for two weeks with my rotation group, and I really couldn't be more excited. I'm very blessed to have a wonderful core rotation and sister rotation group, and we've got so many crazy and fun things planned for the next two weeks. And after the last few weeks, it will be a balm to be out of the house for a little bit.

If I don't update before I get back, I hope everyone has a wonderful and family-filled Thanksgiving!

PS: this is my 200th post! Cray cray.