01 December 2013

Counting the days.

I've got a few big things coming up in the next month.

First up: the dreaded NAVLE. 10 more days before that nightmare happens. A lot of my friends have already done it and basically feel shellshocked. I'm not excited. I've still got a ways to go with my VetPrep review, but I'm trying to stay as stress-free as possible.

One of those times that having a cat was great for: stress relief. I'm still a bit weepy over Rory, but I (and friends) keep telling myself that I'm allowed to be sad for a while.

Next up: last tracking rotation ever starts tomorrow. Equine Diagnostic Imaging, which I'm half excited about, half dreading it. It's a very laid-back rotation, but I still feel shaky about my imaging interpretation (which is why I'm tracking in it). Also, NAVLE. Doing the exam in the middle of a rotation was not an ideal situation, but I'll have time in the evenings to do VetPrep, and time during lunch to study. I just feel anxious that I won't be prepared. But then, who actually feels completely prepared for the NAVLE?

Not me.

Anyway, Wales rotation was good. I was a bit frustrated with the teaching methods, and being out in the cold, but all in all it was ok. Socially it was amazing; I made Thanksgiving for 12 people with the help of my fellow American rotation member A. Turkey was delicious, stuffings were delicious....and there was a full 5 minute silence at the table. Best compliment I could ever get.

Now, back to NAVLE prep and my sister's Thanksgiving (number 4 for me, I feel like I've gained about an entire turkey in weight).

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