02 May 2010

Time flies...

I can't believe it's May already! Where is the time going? 3 months left at Express, and only 132 days before I leave for the UK.

Soon sending my housing forms to RVC. Hopefully I get placed in College Grove, since it seems to be the best fit for me. Self-catered hall, my own room, my own BATHROOM. Mary Brancker House isn't too bad either. Both require a tenancy of 50 weeks (ouch) but when I think about it, I'm going to be living there from September 22nd to July 16th at the latest. That's...at least 46 weeks? I'm too lazy/tired to count accurately. So it's not THAT much of a stretch to have to be there for 50 weeks. I REALLY don't want to do the dorm thing, since I'm not too interested in living with 18 and 19 year olds again (the last time was not pretty). It seems they reserve the self-catered halls for international students, so I'm guessing that it won't be too hard to secure a place at one of them.

I'm really excited/nervous/going out of my mind. A giant part of me is excited beyond belief and can't wait til September comes...but there is a part of me that is going to be enormously homesick and, in a way, already is. How can you miss a place you haven't even left yet? It's possible, because I'm starting to get sentimental about things. But still, mostly excited.

So, soon will send out housing forms along with SAR from FAFSA so that they can process my loan requests without any issues. I did request my 8-page SAR, but (so funny) it's actually more like 10. Make sense? Not really. I'm thinking an email to the financial dept. is in order. For the moment, bed.

PS: Have re-read Bridget Jones' Diary (v.g.). Forgot how fantastic it is.

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