11 July 2010

2 months to go...

Got an email from RVC yesterday. Found out that I can't use my Direct Loans for anything other than study in the UK.

What's that mean? It means that if I do any EMS in the States, I can't use left-over loan money to pay for any of it. Not on food, gas, room and board...nothing. This disappoints me in a big way. I mean, I get the thought process behind it. I'm taking out money for study in the UK, it needs to be used in the UK. But the stuff that I'd do here is counting towards credit/experience for my school that's in the UK. Isn't that the same thing?

Sigh. I might get a job once I settle in and save up that money for EMS when I come home. Otherwise, I'm stuck getting all my EMS done at school before I can come home and visit next summer. That also means I might need to get a flat because I might be there longer than my lease for my dorm room (whichever place I get into). Which means more budgeting so that I can afford to put down a few months rent.

So much to think about...

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