02 July 2010

10 weeks

10 weeks from today I will be getting ready to get on a plane bound for London. Crazy how time flies, eh?

Got my welcome pack in the mail yesterday and had to stop myself from jumping for joy (although I did an awkward little dance in place to celebrate). In this pack came a little thing known as an Oyster card. It's used to pay for fares on the public transport in and around London. It's reusable and you top it up (put more money on it) when it's running low. I know I'm silly, but I was so excited to have one that I posted it on facebook (yes, I know I'm a dork of inconceivable proportions).

Also in this welcome pack was a payment form for my pre-sessional course fee. I do have enough money saved up, thanks to my recent paycheck, but I think I might wait until I get my next one in two weeks to pay. I almost over-drafted last time because BoA didn't tell me that there would be a fee to pay in sterling via my debit card. Whoops.

On another note, my area has had wonderfully glorious weather as of late. Sunny, warm, not humid, just a slight summer breeze to keep you cool. I've been outside for most of the day enjoying the lovely weather, re-reading the Twilight Saga (told you, huge dork), and doing laundry. Gotta love being mostly lazy on a day off. In fact, I think I'll be off to continue being lazy... :D

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