05 July 2010

Happy Birthday USA!

My last 4th of July in the States until 2015 is coming to a close. It was a day spent next to the ocean in southern RI, and I've accrued some freckles, a few bug bites, and a little sunburn. All worth it. Now, the traditional viewing of '1776' the musical has commenced, and I'll probably fall asleep in front of the TV just like last year.

I also had an intense bout of homesickness (yes, I haven't left yet) when I was leaving my house this morning. I was listening to 1776 (yes, I'm obsessed, one of many small obsessions I seem to have) and it hit me that holy sh*t. I'm not going to be here, in the US, for the next 4 years to celebrate American Independence. From England.

Where will I be?

Oh yeah. England.

And I'm from the first colony to declare independence from England.

On that note, only 67 days left. Time flies.

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