22 July 2010

Flight booked.

I saw that prices went up within the last few days, so I booked a flight (I actually did what I said I was going to do...weird).

Cue drumroll...

I went with Icelandair. I mean, really. I couldn't stomach spending $1300 on a flight just because it was non-stop. My ticket was $451 and I booked with priceline.com. Cheaptickets.com was only 8 bucks more, but I've booked with priceline.com before and I've never had issues; why change? I also got the travel insurance that they offer, just in case something happens. In my experience, if you are prepared (or over-prepared), usually nothing of note happens. Of course, now that I've said that...

Also, my payment for the pre-sessional program went through today AND I got an email from the financial office saying that they're generating our loan letters and they will be sent out on Monday. So in a week and a few days I should know how much I got in loans and be able to FINALLY complete and send out my visa application. It's all coming together! It's a little nerve-wracking, actually.

As an aside, my second set of passport photos for my visa? I look like a drug dealer (and a loop of hair is sticking straight out of the top of my head. This is what happens when the nice AAA man asks how it looks and you don't have glasses on...). I'm thinking a re-do is in order.


  1. i was there, was it really that bad? it's not a glamor shot now darlin...

  2. The new ones are. Really bad. I'm getting them redone. Not a glamour shot, but still the picture that will be on my visa for the next four years.