19 December 2010

UK Travel Chaos

Ma Nature decided to be ugly to me and a bunch of US students here in the UK yesterday and drop 10 cm on Heathrow and bring the unholy freezing temperatures in. As a result, my flight (and a bunch of other flights that my friends here were supposed to take home) were cancelled.

I have to say that the disappointment is overwhelming. I managed to get another flight out on Tuesday, but forecast is again for snow. Hopefully the fact that it's supposed to stay above freezing the whole day means that I'll be able to fly outta here. But unfortunately the feeling of being an animal trapped in a corner is starting.

At least I got to talk to some of my family yesterday while they were together for the yearly Smörgåsbord, which perked me up a little. And I talked to my lovely Aunt S.W. which was also a bit of a life saver.

But now, I have time to pick up some last minute gifts, buy some badly needed boots, and (reluctantly) enjoy the beauty of London under a blanket of snow.

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  1. I hope you're able to make it out of the country before Christmas! LHR was complete chaos yesterday, as was King's Cross when I was attempting to flee back to my flat in Edinburgh...