24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Got home safely on Wednesday afternoon. Had a little crying session with my mom when she came down the escalator at Logan. It was grand. When we watched Love Actually later that night, we both got hysterical at the end when the Beach Boys were playing and all the greeting scenes were playing, mostly because that's exactly what we had just done about 8 hours earlier.

I know. We're saps. It's a family trait.

Anyway, I'm back to being sick (thanks, Heathrow, for throwing all us semi-stranded people into the snow and freezing cold without proper shoes on). Back on antibiotics, and new development: an inhaler, for those times that I can't breathe properly. Wish they had thought of that when I would walk up stairs at school and I wouldn't be able to breathe. Would've been handy. But at least now I'm on the mend (hopefully).

The real point of this post was to do this:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and gets to spend time with family (especially my friends who are still in the UK, fingers crossed that you get home soon!).

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