30 December 2010


I've lost a bit of weight while being in London (partially from being so sick for the past month and partially from walking around). My uncle, who has been working for an international bank and has done a lot of business in the UK, said "Blame the food in England." And now that I'm back in the States for the brief Christmas holiday, all I've been doing is eating.

My family and I went to Long Island to visit family and my grandmother made her Sicilian sauce. I've visited my favorite restaurant, Rasoi, twice already. My mother has been making me food, which is a treat in and of itself because she's such a fabulous cook (I hope to inherit the Sicilian cooking gene). I've had take away from my favorite Italian/Greek restaurant AND I've eaten inside of it.

My tummy is saying "Yum" but my waistline is inevitably going to grow.

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