14 March 2011

Day Two at the Equine Placement: ouch.

This week and next I'm at my equine placement in Wimbledon Village. I've been getting up at 5:30am for the past two days to hop onto a train at King's Cross by 6:30ish. It takes about an hour to an hour and 15 to get to my placement. My body hurts. A lot. I'm getting calluses in places that haven't had calluses in about...5 years? I smell like poop when I get home and I have to take a shower immediately. And I've been falling asleep around 9:30pm because I'm so damn exhausted.


This is the best damn time I've had in ages. I've tacked up, I've 'skipped' stalls (which to me is mucking, but just getting the poo out of all the stalls). Today, I cleaned 10 saddles. I sweep, I feed, and I'm loving it all. I forgot how much fun it is to spend the ENTIRE day outside, especially since it's been so beautiful in London for the past few days (fingers crossed it stays that way).

And now, dinner, movie, bed by 9.

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