20 November 2011

Just keep writing, just keep writing...

Still hitting walls with this AHEMS report that I should be writing instead of writing this post. I have so much to write about I can't seem to get it organized in my head.

I should mention that I'm writing about horse slaughter in the US. It's a really delicate topic, and people on either side of the debate are vicious about their opinions. I'm trying not to get invested in either side with this paper, but when it the debate comes down to the welfare of these horses well...I have to say that it clears up a lot of things. But the reason I bring it up is the fact that the topic has been in the news recently, since Congress reversed the ag appropriations bill and reinstated the ability of the USDA to use funds to inspect horse slaughter facilities. This is a big deal, since this bill essentially is what stopped slaughter of horses intended for human consumption in the US. And to be honest, it's going to help improve the welfare of the horse intended for slaughter since this allows more money to be used to inspect shipments of horses for slaughter to Canada and Mexico. BIG deal.

Anyway, I guess my real point of this post was to say that it's really cool to be writing an evaluative essay on such a relevant topic. Except I keep having to tweak it to make it accurate...

In other news, Turkey Day this week! Very excited. I've made glög, which is the Scandinavian version of mulled wine, for the occasion. It's delicious (I had to drink some since I ran out of space in the bottles I used for storage). I'm also going to make myself some gluten-free friendly sausage stuffing, and probably eat it all of it on Thursday. Can't wait for Thursday!!

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