30 November 2011

Whoops...I did that.

Today, in lieu of going to my Veterinary Ethics lectures, I went in to London to shop. So much to buy, so little time. I figured, maybe if I go early, I'll have time to come back and write some of my paper.

Nope. That did not happen.

Basically, I left my house at 20 past nine in the morning and got back just after 4pm. So pretty much a full day of shopping/traveling back and forth. From where I am now, I'm only about a 40 minute train ride into the city, but today I opted to get off at Finsbury Park and take the Victoria line into Oxford Street, where all the best shops are. The Christmas decorations are up to, although it was day so it wasn't quite as spectacular.

Unfortunately, I didn't really get that much shopping done. I mean, I managed to buy a dress for Christmas Ball, and get some costume stuff for a friend's fancy dress (costume) party on Friday, and some gifts for family, and my Secret Santa gift...

Ok...maybe I did get a lot of shopping done. But I still have so much to buy! And I still need to make a trip to Borough Market before I leave. Absolute necessity to visit it during the Christmas season.

As for my paper? Well, I pretty much got home at 4, had a snack, tried to take a nap, showed my dress and shoes off to my roommate, tried to take a nap, and then kicked myself out of bed so I could go to dinner with a bunch of friends for one of their birthdays. Delicious delicious dinner. Complete with wine and creme brulee as dessert.

Speaking of school...we've started our Principles of Surgery thread? module? whatever. I've started to look at videos of sutures and suture handling, how to hold a needle, different suture techniques, mayo versus metzenbaum scissors (who knew there were different kinds?), etc etc. Kind of exciting, but a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to learn. I'm going to have to do a lot of catching up over Christmas break, or else I'll be screwed when May rolls around.

And on that note...time to go do some work before bed.

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