20 January 2012

Learning to tie a knot.

This week was our first week learning how to do sutures and tie knots. RVC has this wonderful place called the Clinical Skills Centre (or Center for us Americans) that gives students the opportunity to learn and practice their Day One skills (clinical skills that we'll need to know on our first day on the job). This week, we learned more about surgical tools, suturing, and how to do a one-handed surgeon's knot.

Well, last night I was bored out of my mind, and remembered that the ladies at the CSC gave us a two-colored string for us to practice the knot with. So I watched the new episode of Criminal Minds and practiced doing my surgeon's knot.

Seriously. I have the best life ever.

I am proud to say that I have (sort of) mastered the one handed surgeons knot with a very thick string. The real trick now will be to do it with slippery suture material while I'm trying to perform surgery on a living, breathing animal. Only a couple of months left until I have my first clinical placement!

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