10 January 2012

White noise.

I have a new pattern to studying now. Instead of listening to music, I've been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, being read by Stephen Fry. Seriously, best background noise ever. I've always been one of those studiers that needed white noise in order to focus well. And for some reason, this seems to work.

On another note, a friend of mine posted this wonderful video on facebook earlier today. It's from Burning Man 2011; a bunch of participants were filmed reciting the words of Dr. Seuss's "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" It made me a bit weepy; I can't tell if it's because it's so well done or if I'm just a bit of a sap. Probably both. Anyway, here it is. Hope it gives a bit of inspiration for those of you who are doing vet school interviews soon.

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