14 January 2012


Week one is over, and it was a whirlwind week (sort of). It's our second to last week of the reproduction strand, and I got to do sutures for the first time as a clinical vet student (and actually know what I was doing...sort of).

That piglet over the summer was almost like a teaser to see if I could actually stick a needle into a living animal. Tada! I can. And I can do it to inanimate flesh as well, since we learned what suture technique to use after performing a caesarean section. Using an actual uterus from a cow (they get them at the abattoir when the cows get slaughtered).

So yeah. Feeling very much a vet student after this week.

On a side note; the running thing is going ok. I only managed one run on Monday so far, and then spin took me out of the race (haha, pun) for a few days. I'm back on the wagon today, though: I've got my running shoes on and as soon as I get the motivation, I'm gonna go out and do my run. I swear. Really. Even though there's still frost on the grass.

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