28 July 2012

Happy Olympics!

Got back into the country yesterday, with quite possibly the most uneventful flight I've ever had. Boarded in Boston on time, landed early, and I even got to sleep for about 2 hours, which is the most I've ever slept on a plane.

The most surprising part of the journey: there were NO LINES at UK border control. After all of the build-up of "Heathrow won't be able to handle the number of people coming in to London for the 2012 Olympics", it took me 30 seconds to get through the border. And as soon as I got to the luggage carousel, my bags were right there. My flight was due to land at 9:30am, and I walked into the arrivals area at 9:35am.

Anyway. It was a very nice surprise after worrying about it for the past few days. Had a really nice night watching the opening ceremonies with J, even though I fell asleep 3 times and missed the US athletes walking into the stadium.

Monday starts my second equine placement. Meanwhile, I'm gonna relax and watch some sports.

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