03 June 2013

And on to the next.

Small Animal Medicine is over!

Well, technically it was over on Saturday. It was super difficult, but I'm very pleased with my grade. I worked my butt off to get it, and I'm glad that it matched the effort I put into the rotation.

Anyway, I've started Equine Surgery today. My rotation group is on Orthopedics this week, and our sister group is on Soft Tissue. It's been a bit slow on our side of things, but hopefully it picks up. Considering this is one of the rotations I'm looking most forward to, I'll be pretty disappointed if it's not busy. Soft Tissue had a bunch of cases today, so I ended up hanging out with them instead of sitting in the student tea room twiddling my thumbs. Also, it was way too gorgeous outside today to spend ANY time inside. I'm probably a bit sunburnt, but eh. It was worth it.

We'll see what happens with the rest of this week on Ortho, and next week on Soft Tissue. Fingers crossed I get to see some cool cases and surgeries!

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