25 June 2013

NAVLE application: check.

I have taken the plunge and applied for the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Exam). The exam itself costs a whopping $570, and for those of us lucky enough to have to take it outside of North America, there is another $275 fee tacked on. Oh, and the NAVLE application for the good state of RI cost an additional $50.

As if paying over a quarter of a million dollars to get this degree wasn't enough of a slap in the face.

Is this what being an adult feels like? I mean, I have panic attacks about money. It doesn't make me feel better when I'm on EMS and clients complain about how expensive treating their pet is. Well, that's all well and good, but you haven't been saddled with a crippling amount of debt. That you VOLUNTARILY agreed to. I think that's the worst part. I feel like I've signed a deal with the devil to become a vet. Except the devil is the US government (are you reading this, NSA?).

Ah, well. Now that I have that out of my system...

My sister has officially moved in with me for the summer to help cover rent until the new girls move in September. It'll be nice to have her around (to cook and clean! And also to provide support and love). Her boyfriend S will also be around on weekends so we can have mini dinner parties and watch Swedish crime dramas and drink delicious wine (on those days that I'm not freaking out over studying for the NAVLE; have I mentioned how expensive it is and how much I don't want to have to take it twice?).

AND I've only got 3 days left of EMS with the small animal clinic. I'll be going back in the winter to get more experience, and I'm actually super excited. It may be slow, but they're so laid back and helpful and just fun to be around.

Oh yeah. And in 367 days, I'll be done with my final finals. I'm just going to go grab a brown paper bag and hyperventilate into it.

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