23 June 2013

First Village in England

Yesterday I drove to Norwich to finish collecting data on my research project, which (surprisingly) went really quickly. The drive there, however, was not.

There's this section of road on the way to Norwich that has been under construction for about a year and half now (and it won't be done until winter 2014), so at certain times in the day (all the time) it's super busy. It's about a 10 mile stretch of traffic that takes about an hour to get through. Ugh. Not my idea of a good drive. So instead of sitting in traffic for an hour, I took an alternate route that my TomTom app calculated for me. I drove through England's first village, West Stow, which was pretty cool. And the rest was beautiful woodland driving. I was tempted to stop and take pictures, but alas. I had a time restraint.

Anyway, my research project data is complete. Although I couldn't do an entirely random assortment of the horses at Redwings, I did get to look at 25 horses and take a few pictures for reference, and one picture just because some of the horses were being cute.

So now, it's all about the write-up. My advisor is only allowed to read it once, so I'll probably enlist my friend S. who is in research (and did my stats, she's such a star) to read it through for style and other things.

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