31 March 2014

British Summer Time

Yes, people. This is a thing.

Instead of calling it Daylight Savings time, they call it British Summer time (BST). Clocks have been moved forward (just like in DST), and Mother Nature was nice to us and it was a beautiful first day of BST. Our dryer broke so I took advantage of the nice weather and hung my clothes out to dry. There really isn't anything quite like the smell of clothes dried in a spring breeze.

Ok, I'll stop being romantic.

Venice tomorrow. Awesome, cannot wait. It's going to be mild and sunny. I'm bringing sundresses. And heels (oh my!).

I'm officially 28. Yikes. Go me.

Next Friday I take my OSCE/OPSVE final (I swear I'm not hyperventilating, really). I want to say that OPSVE stands for "Observation of Practical Skills Veterinary Exam" or something of the sort. I think I'm pretty prepared; I spent every day last week in the CSC (Clinical Skills Center) practicing various things, like California Milk Testing, equine leg bandaging, and prescribing/handling medication. There is also a ton of videos and worksheets online to help with all that stuff, since the CSC is closed to prepare for it.

And, it's exactly 3 months until I start my position as intern. Yikes. Real life.

I swear I'm not hyperventilating. Really.

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