17 March 2014

The Penultimate Flight to the UK

I'm sitting in the Indianapolis International Airport right now, waiting patiently for my flight. It's a bit early, but my friend E had a flight at 6:45am this morning, so we all needed to leave early to get her here on time. But it's worth it. I dropped my bags of 3 hours early, had breakfast with K, and then said goodbye since she had to go to work.

R&R ended with a bang, which was 100% worth it. I managed to do about 6 anesthetics on my own (under close supervision) and have been deemed ready to run anesthesia in Saratoga next year. I'll just have to keep on top of stuff before I get there!

And I had a wonderful girls weekend with my college girls. I got to see C and her baby, hang out and veg in front of the TV with K and E, and even managed a pretty heinous hangover/food poisoning episode due to some thai chicken curry (I'm feeling much more human today, but I still feel a bit icky). We had a Girls marathon, since I've never really watched the show (and of course now I'm in LOVE).

So now, I've got the next three weeks to relax and study for the practical exams in April, relax, and maybe take a cheeky day trip to Paris to see Notre Dame and Versailles. We'll see.

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