07 June 2010

AHEMS...95 days.

...and no, I'm not clearing my throat.

AHEMS stands for Animal Husbandry Extramural Studies. As a student of the RVC, I'm required to do 12 weeks of AHEMS prior to start of Year 3 of the BVetMed program. Students in the 5 year program get two summers and two sets of school vacations in which to complete their 12 weeks. I get...one summer and one set of school vacations.

Why? Because I'm a G&T student. My first year is the equivalent of a regular student's years one AND two.

Yay for my wallet, boo for time scheduling.

I've been planning to get at least two weeks done here at an equine facility before I leave in September, but now I'm sort of rethinking that plan.

One: I want to be able to save up more money before I leave, and that requires me working for at least a few more weeks past my original last day (July 31st).

Two: I realized that I have more time than originally thought to finish my AHEMS. I have 3 weeks at Christmas (will probably not do any then), 2 weeks at Easter (which will be spent doing my Sheep AHEMS), and 5 weeks right before Easter holiday set aside for completing AHEMS.

Three: I have around 10 weeks before Year 3 (technically Year 2 for me) to finish whatever AHEMS placements I'll have left.

Total: 17 weeks (not including Christmas, since I plan to come home then)
Total AHEMS: 12 weeks

And 2 weeks are already taken care of with the sheep placement at Easter, so that really leaves me 15 weeks to get 10 weeks worth of placements done.

So while that is doable, do I really want to leave placements until the proverbial last minute? Ah, the conundrum my overanxious brain leaves me with. Do some now and get them over with, or wait until I get there to start?

Be lazy, or be pro-active. Decisions, decisions.

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