15 June 2010

A bit of a break...

Ah, loans. Can't apply for them yet, but everyone seems to have already applied for them at the Pre-Vet forum of SDN, which just makes me even more worried. I know it's because I'm going to RVC and they're all (mostly) going to US schools, but I've been lead to believe that loan applications don't open until July 1st...apparently a fallacy. Oh well. I just hope there is money left over for me...

To get my mind off that for a bit, I've been watching "All Creatures Great and Small", a TV series made in 1978 that's based off of James Herriot's books. I absolutely love it. It's fun to see the characters come to life, when they've only lived on the page for me. The best part? They are true to the books.

I'm off to go watch a few more episodes before I have to continue being a semi-functional adult.

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