02 June 2010

100 days...and a Bucket List.

Almost down to double digits. It's an exhilarating feeling, being so close and so far. Just over 3 months and 1 week until I hop on a plane and fly out there.

SO CLOSE. Yet so far.

Now that it's really coming down to the grind (and I can't worry about the visa application and loans until July 1st), I've been starting to look for things to do in my spare time. If you will, a Bucket List of things to do before I leave RVC.

1. Go to The George: A friend of my father told me about a pub in London that was so old, that the bar itself was warped from all the customers leaning against it for so many centuries. I asked a friend who is from London and weeks later he remembered and screamed out "THE GEORGE" just as I was passing by him while we were at a graduation party. You laugh, but I was so excited that he remembered the name I nearly kissed him. (Not really...his girlfriend would have killed me). But the old pub idea caught on and I found this great website that lists a bunch of historic pubs and alehouses in the London area (click here to see it). So while The George alone is on my bucket list, I will probably go and visit as many of these old pubs as I possibly can during my stay.

2. Take the Chunnel to Paris: This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for me. I feel that if I don't take a chance to visit France while I'm there...well, my adventure just wouldn't be complete. This trip would, of course, include a trip to Versailles (will have to take care not to say "Ver-sayles"...oh, KY. I do appreciate you...I swear) and of course, The Louvre.

3. Take the ferry to Brittany: again, a must. Tentative plans are to meet my sister here and have her do all the talking since she's the one who took French in high school.

4. Take a road trip through England/Scotland/Wales: might not be possible without a car...but maybe I'll buy/rent/borrow/steal one for a few days.

5. Take a day trip to Sweden: I just gotta see this street named after my family's surname. It's located in the old jewelry district...which now happens to be the red light district. If you don't know what that means, listen to "Roxanne" by The Police. You'll figure it out. If you don't know The Police...well, you're dead to me.

6. Sit in on a session of Parliament: It sounds silly, but I would love to have this experience. Politics have always fascinated me.

7. Oktoberfest: this might not be possible...but wouldn't it just be fun??

8. Visit Jane Austen's house: I can not live in the UK for 4 years and go without seeing my favorite author's house at least once.

9. Visit James Herriot's practice in Thirsk: If you love animals, you will understand why I have to make this pilgrimage. The books he wrote? Nothing special. Just inspired me to become a large animal vet. No biggie.

10. Visit Buckingham Palace and attempt to take a picture with a royal guard: And...that's about all I need to say.

Of course, while I'm there, I have a funny feeling that I will be adding many more pictures to this blog. I might need to invest in a camera in order to do justice to all my sight-seeing...hm. I'm thinking...a digital SLR?

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