08 June 2010

When money talks, I hate to listen.

But lately it's been screaming in my ear.


Well, maybe not actually screaming, but it's about all I can hear. Yesterday I posted about being lazy and ending my time at Express on July 31st. I just did a little flow chart to figure out how much money I need until I receive the loan check from RVC, which includes the fee for the pre-sessional course, the deposit for the room in College Grove (which I hopefully get), and 5 weeks rent for College Grove. If I get Mary Brancker House, it'll be pretty much the same.

So. All in all, I figure I'll need about $3000 before I step onto the plane, for my sanity. Which means, no AHEMS this summer.

This also means I will have to work until at least August 29th. Which leaves me 11 days to do my visiting of the family in NY. And packing. And my panic dance (basically me walking around the house picking up and putting down insignificant things to keep my mind busy while I try to wrap my head around leaving the country for 4 years).

Possible to save up $3000? Yes. As long as I stop:
1. Buying lunch while at work
2. Going out for beers with friends
3. Going out to dinner with friends


4. Having fun.

Oh Ben Folds, I couldn't have said it better. Because right now, I really don't want to listen to money...but it's definitely screaming in my ears.

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  1. You, however, must commit to coming to New Orleans. Only because I know how long it's going to be before I see you again!