16 May 2010

117 Days...

I have 117 days in which to do the following:

1. Apply for loans (supposedly available on July 1st according to the news)
2. Apply for a visa
3. Buy a plane ticket
4. Pack
5. Visit everyone I possibly can (will happen in August)
6. Do my equine AHEMS (so I have one less to do during the school year and summer before Year 3, also to happen in August).

It doesn't really look like that much, does it?

Lists can be deceiving...just so you know.


  1. What kind of experience qualifies for AHEMS? Like what exactly would you be doing?

  2. Basically for the AHEMS I have to do 2 weeks doing animal husbandry work, like feeding, mucking stalls, turn-out, etc for the equine. I'm required to do 12 weeks total with different species, but 2 weeks each of equine, swine, dairy cattle and sheep are required. And it has to be done before I enter Year 3 (2 for me, since I'm in the accelerated program).