09 May 2010

What I need to learn before London: How to save money.

I cannot go on doing what I've been doing for the past few days: spending money like it is replenished as quickly as it's spent. Duh. It doesn't work that way. My bank account can attest to this.

SO. I simply need to learn how to cooperate with a budget (urgh). I'll have to do it eventually for the next four years so I don't run out of loan money. No more going out and spending a RIDICULOUS amount on food and beer (and consequently 100 credits at Dave and Busters...). No more buying clothes because I might need them for London (if I need them for London, I'll buy them IN London). No more late night runs to McDonald's for a large fry because I'm hungry (go without, you big glutton).

Henceforth, I shall only spend money on what I actually need: gas for the car, meds for Bailey, and toiletries.

Oh, and coffee. I don't think I can get through a day without a Dunkin Iced. And the occasional 6-pack of Sam Adams Summer (yum).

This is never going to work...


  1. Hey, I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy reading it because I am considering applying to the RVC this year and your insights are really helpful! I hope I get in. Please keep updating!

  2. Hi! Just noticed that you're following my blog. I'll add yours! ;D