23 May 2010

American TV Shows I Will Miss

It's almost 3am as I'm writing this...and I just finished watching the season 5 finale of Bones. It's going to be necessary to bribe family members and friends to tape next season's episodes so I won't have to wait until July 2011 to catch up on all my favorite TV shows. Here's a few that I can think of off the top of my head:

2. Burn Notice (MacGuyver for spies)
3. Lie To Me (maybe it'll air in the UK since the lead character is from there??)
4. CSI (I don't really watch the new seasons...but I will miss re-runs on Spike)
5. House (oh, how I love that snarky bastard)

So family/friends...this is a plea (in advance, of course...fair notice, right?) that should you watch these shows, please obtain them illegally and send them to me so that I do not shrivel up and die (figuratively) from the long absence of my beloved characters.

I'm sure there are more...but for my sleep-deprived mind, these are the only ones that matter.


ETA: I shall not miss Kitchen Nightmares...mostly because it's a UK show. Bastardized by Fox Network to be a crazy, high-stress reality drama. For those of you only familiar with the US version: you're missing out on how awesome Chef Ramsay really is.

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  1. Omg Kitchen Nightmares...I need to start counting how many times Chef Ramsay says F*^K in one episode. I believe its up there with Scarface. ;D