26 May 2010

107 Days

GAHHH...May is almost over. I feel like I just posted about April being almost over! Just proves that time really does fly.

But that means that in little over a month, I'll FINALLY be able to apply for loans, and thus apply for my visa. I will feel more secure about everything once I get those two things squared away. I'm still waiting for my letter with CAS number in it. I'm guessing it's going to come in with all of the student packet RVC told me that I'd be receiving in the early summer.

And I just sent an email to RVC to make sure they received my housing forms...probably a good idea since the deadline is on May 31st. I'm sure they did, since I sent them over a week and a half ago.

So many things left to do...and it seems like there is so little time left.

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  1. Thanks for the tip concerning HSBC!

    BTW, I know exactly how you feel that May is almost over. Next thing you know, June will be over.