18 May 2010

Money money money...

Love ABBA. Oh, those Scandinavian songbirds sure had a way with words and notes. LOVE Mamma Mia too...

Wow. Totally off-track.

Ok. Focus.

Out of sheer curiosity, I just checked to see what the current exchange rate was for sterling to US dollar. Holy crap...it's $1.44USD to every £1GBP. Doesn't seem like a lot, but considering that most of what RVC has been basing it's Cost of Living (COL) on, it's a HUGE difference. Especially when you're talking thousands of sterling/dollars.

When I had my interview and subsequent presentation with RVC, the estimated tuition in USD was $31000+ (£19320 in GBP). When I just checked it with the current exchange rate, it was around $27500. HUGE(ish) difference. I've estimated that my total debt that I will incur while in vet school (just from loans) will be approximately $300,000. About the same I would have gotten into if I had gone to Tufts (sort of...I probably would have lived with my parents to avoid paying for rent, but what would be the fun in THAT?!). But if I factor for a lower exchange rate? Shaves off at least $30,000. Doesn't seem like a lot compared to the total, but any money I DON'T have to pay back?

Priceless. Literally.

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