08 September 2010

And the jitters start.

I have this terrible habit when I get nervous: continually shaking or jittering my legs. I started doing this a few days ago and unfortunately I haven't stopped since.

I've pretty much packed completely at this point, but there are some clothes that just won't fit and therefore will have to get shipped to me. Boo. And now, it's just the last-minute tasks that need doing. I managed to forget all about luggage tags until the Icelandair website informed me that they require it and can refuse to check luggage without identification on the luggage. Well...thank god I checked. And my friend's mother N was lovely enough to give me a set of TSA-approved luggage locks so I can lock my luggage without TSA having to cut open my locks.

And of course, as I write this blog post, my Pandora radio station starts playing LDN by Lily Allen.

Is it Friday yet? :D

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  1. Have a safe flight! You'll be fine!!