16 September 2010


It has been uncharacteristically sunny here in London for the past 2 days. I think nature is trying to slowly transition me to London's usual weather scheme. And it's a bit colder here than it is at home...at least colder than it was when I left. I haven't been checking up on the weather back in the States, mostly because I'm more worried about the tube service and whether I need my umbrella to get to the tube station.

Being at the college is amazing, although frustrating at times. I've had to jump through many hoops to get a bank account, and I still don't even have one. I have the thought of one: an appointment at Barclay's to set up my account. But my letter from college still isn't right, so I'll have to print out another by next Thursday. Also, my loan check is going to take until October 17th to be disbursed to me...so that'll be fun. At least I have an advance from RVC to cover me until then. If it doesn't last...well, I'll be SOL.

Other than the money issues, class has been interesting. We don't really have real classes, per se, but mock lectures to get us used to the structure and mock exams to get us in the mindset for how they test over here. 10% of our grades come from two exams after modules 1 and 2, and 90% come from the final year exam...which is cumulative.

I'm trying not to think about how 90% of my grade, and my future career as a veterinarian, rests upon my performance on one cumulative 3-part exam. Oy.

I think I'll just go back to thinking about the weather for a while.


  1. Have you tried Lloyds?? Some of the students here were having a hard time and it took 5 min to set up an account with Lloyds.

    Here in Edinburgh, the weather has also been uncharacteristically sunny. Maybe I brought the sunny Miami weather with me? lol However, I keep on hearing from the locals that its going to snow here next week. WTF? Snow in September? Unheard of..well snow in general is unheard of back home!

  2. I might try Lloyds. It's beginning to get a little ridiculous.