12 September 2010

Walking 'Round London Town

I made it! I'm here. It's a little unreal at the moment. I know I'm here (I even saw Kensington Palace earlier), but it still feels surreal. I think it's partially because I had a severe lack of sleep yesterday because I couldn't get to sleep on the plane rides. I did get to see the sun rise over the Atlantic on the way into Keflavic Airport, though, which was a fantastic experience. Keflavic was a really interesting airport, too: it's almost literally on the sea coast, maybe a mile in from it. It was raining, but it was still beautiful.

Lee Abbey is really nice, too. The room is a bit small, but I haven't spent much time in here. The food is interesting, to say the least. I had a bean stew for dinner last night with boiled potatoes, a surprisingly delicious meal, but odd-looking nonetheless. And today there is a traditional Sunday lunch: roast. I guess I'll just have to start eating beef again...

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