19 September 2010

Shopping in London

My new friends and I decided to go to Primark (think Kohl's) in Oxford Circle this past weekend. It would have been helpful to remember that the Pope was in town, and the city was overrun with SO many people, both lovers and haters alike.

Needless to say, it was also packed with people simply because it was the weekend. It made me a bit claustrophobic, actually, and I've never really been all that claustrophobic. It was a weird feeling. But I managed, at Primark and the next day Ikea, to get 2 pillows, a duvet, a duvet cover set, a set of sheets, a laundry hamper, tea towels, and towels for the shower. All in all, I think I spent around £65 total. I love being frugal.

I also managed to snap a quick photo of the buildings around Piccadilly Circus (a hop, skip, and a 15 minute walk from Oxford Circle). It really is beautiful here! I can't wait to explore more...while I have the time.

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