04 September 2010

So close!

Just got back from visiting family in NY and it was awesome. I really enjoyed seeing everyone. But...I really missed my dog. :/

Anyway, crunch time. Had a little bit of an unpleasant realization yesterday: my carry-on bag? My cool green one that I just bought a few months ago? Too big to be a carry-on by about 6 inches. Boo. Not thrilled. But the good news? My duffel bag, which my cat Cosmo managed to pee in somehow (it was upright and closed...?) now is free of cat pee smell thanks to my lovely parents. So I can use that as checked. Only problem now is debating whether it is worth it to pay the $125USD to bring my 25" roller as a checked bag. We'll see how much I can get into my duffel.

Now, to sit back, relax, and enjoy the hurricane-free weather. 6 days until my flight! Oy...

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