18 September 2010

What I learned in my first week.

1. I've forgotten how to study. Or at least I've forgotten how to study well. We had the practice exam and it wasn't truly difficult, but I missed so much in studying and focused on the wrong thing.

2. I need to re-learn how to write an essay. I almost feel like writing my Repro. Phys. professor and see if he can check over my exam essays for soundness like he used to do. My practice exam essay was word vomit.

3. My time management skills are in need of improvement. I was such a bad student this week because I just had so much to do other than study (eat, try to open a bank account, figure out the tube system, find a good indian restaurant, etc etc).

4. Patience. I really need to try and be more patient with things. Everything runs so much slower over here. Example: It took almost 2 hours to eat at this curry place a bunch of us went to the other day. Why? Who the fuck knows. It was beyond obnoxious.

5. My money management skills need brushing up. Now, I've been really good in spending money this week. I had to buy some supplies, a hair dryer, and a hair straightener (and I bought the cheapest ones I could). But then, I went out two nights in a row (desperate for food other than Lee Abbey's).

6. I need my own kitchen. I cannot STAND the food here and I'm not the best cook in the world, but I can cook. And if I can teach myself how to cook like my mother (I mean, I've watched her cook for my entire life) ...well, I'll be set for life.

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  1. Two hours over dinner might be about average for a sit down restaurant in the UK. The expectation there is a bit like in France, where people usually spend devote the entire evening to dinner. Essentially, the price of your meal books the table for the night.

    If you like Japanese food, there are a handful of authentic Japanese restaurants that cater mostly to ex-pats. A little pricey, but I can find out where they are for you if you are interested.

    Many pubs in the UK have gone to non-traditional menus. It's a bit hit and miss, but I have been pleasantly surprised a few times.

    If you're in the neighborhood, the pizza bar in Harrod's is a good place for a decent Continental style pizza, with relatively brisk service. Best, Tim