24 September 2010

What I learned in my second week...

Really, I learned much of the same. Except now I know that I am useless when I have a cold. Word of advice: try your best not to get sick when you move abroad. It makes you completely helpless and it took me 3 days to find cold medicine...and it's not helping in the least so far. However, they do sell codeine over the counter. That makes me very excited; too bad I didn't invest in that instead. I could use a little knock-out right now.

I think I've also gotten dumber since I left college. In the very least, I've forgotten how to do basic things. Like...note-taking. I SUCK at it right now. I hope I improve when real classes start in a week.

I'm nervous, but totally ready for this. Obviously the interviewers saw something in me at my interview that made them think I was ready for this...so I'm going to believe them.

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