07 August 2010

34 days: Letter's in!

The official copy of the letter is in. It's all nice and shiny and sparkly...ok, not really. But it did give me a sense of completion. I have everything needed for my visa application. There is a little hiccup with the actual application, since I have no idea where my passport was issued (it asks for place of issue, there is none listed on the passport). I listed it as Providence, RI, since this is where I applied for my passport...but apparently it's the regional office location that issues it. I talked to WorldBridge, the visa info service, and they basically said you can make corrections to the hard copy of the application. I just need to put a little blurb about why I corrected it. No biggie.

And tomorrow starts my last week at Express! Well, not really. I'll be working occasional days to give the other managers a break while they find my replacement. Plus, I could use the money. I just hope I have enough to cover expenses until I can get my loan check (which I found out today wouldn't happen until at least 28 September).

Also, random...I have found a downside to owning a Mac. Most (read: all) of the videos on the Blackboard website for RVC needs a windows plugin for my Quicktime that I can't find. I'll have to keep looking when I have more time.

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