03 August 2010

Visa application: complete.

Huge sigh. My visa application is finally complete and paid for, and it was much pricier than I expected. I guess the fees went up since the last time I checked ($330USD,...I think my future children just lost out on their college funds). On the upside, at least it's completed, right? And I have all my supplemental documents...except my financial aid award letter. I'm still (im)patiently waiting for that to arrive via FedEx. I do have the letter from the Direct Loan office regarding the amount of my PLUS loan, but I'm 99.9% sure that it's not the one I need to supply with my visa application.

So now, the only thing I have left to do is get my biometrics taken (next Monday), and pack for London. 38 days left to go...


  1. Hey, I finally got my cost of attendance email. Holy moly. I was only applying for the Stafford loans thinking it was enough but now I need to apply for the PLUS loan. Just the staffords alone didn't cover the yearly tuition. I agree, I think my children lost on their college funds. lol. Did you tell RVC to expedite your financial aid award letter?

  2. Sort of. They sent it Royal Airsure mail (I think that's the name) so it should be here tomorrow or Friday. I know that RVC overestimated the cost of attendance just so students have enough for the year and don't run out. I know one US student there only spent around $60,000 for the first year. A lot, but almost on par to some OOS schools here.