24 August 2010

"Your visa has been issued."

Sweeter words were never spoken in the English language.

Ok, that's not true. But I'm a very happy girl right now. After all that worry I had (for no reason, I realize now...hindsight. Gotta love it), everything is going smoothly. 17 days left until my flight, and all that's left to do now is pack, go to my last day at work this Friday, and spend time with family and friends.


  1. awesome! sorry about not actually getting around to writing you with my questions about my visa application - I FINALLY figure out what was going on (the RVC sent me a summary of my CAS information via email, instead of sending the full version with all the info I really needed! easily fixed once I figured out what the problem was...)

    Anyway, they're processing mine right now, and I'm hoping for that same sweet phrase you just heard to come across my inbox any day now!

    So, how else is the rest of your prep going? I've got my stethoscope and scrubs and dickies coverall, but was planning to wait until I get there to buy wellies (so bulky to pack in a suitcase!).

  2. Oh good!! It really didn't take that long for them to process and issue my visa. As for the rest of it, I haven't bought anything yet...I'm hoping to get it while I'm there for the pre-sessional program, since I don't really have the money to buy it all right now. :/

  3. How many days, from their email saying they received it, until the email saying they'd approved you? I mailed mine last friday (the delay with the CAS put me behind by a few days), but I'm hoping it'll be approved by early next week.

    We're both in College Grove; maybe we could meet up when we both get there! I'm not flying in until the 17th (I'm in the 5 year program; no pre-sessional for me)

  4. Lemme see...I sent out everything on Aug 10, and got the email this past Saturday (Aug 21). Got approved yesterday, received my passport with visa in it today. Altogether it took 2 weeks. Not bad. And yes, we definitely need to meet up when you get to London!

  5. So, I mailed mine on the 19th technically, and overnighted it, so it arrived on the 20th, but I didn't get the email saying it was processing until monday the 23rd. And now it's been FOUR DAYS. I'm not a patient person either. It ought to be approved sometime soonish, though. I'm just afraid that they'll reject my application for some random reason I haven't thought of and I won't have time to reapply and get it here in time~... but they'd better not!

  6. I had the same thought, because as place of issue I listed Providence RI, USA (where I applied) because place of issue isn't in passports any more. It might be as simple as they have a huge influx of visa applications coming in right now, since school in the UK starts soon. Don't worry, you'll be fine!

    PS: I'm not a patient person either!

  7. I didn't have an issue with that, because I had two old passports to work off of (both of which I then had to mail off to them, so some lucky person can steal my ENTIRE IDENTITY when my package gets lost in the mail, which I'm so afraid it will) both of which were fairly old-ish, and had their place of issue listed.

    Really, though, it could be worse. I was talking with my friend Matt (american living in london for the past four years) and he's spent the past three weeks in new york, trying to get his tier 1 visa processed through, because he had to make his application from out-of-country, which hasn't exactly been convenient for him. good grief.

    Anyway, I'm very happy to hear that yours has arrived in the mail! I'll let you know when mine gets there. You're so lucky to be in the four-year program; I'dve preferred that, but I'm sure the five year will be a bit more relaxed, albeit, more expensive...