17 August 2010


I really need to learn how to sit back and relax in certain situations. Example one: waiting for my visa to start getting processed. I stupidly did not ask for return receipt or certified mail, so there is no way to know if it got lost in the mail or if it arrived safely to the NY visa office. Unfortunately, WorldBridge is not allowed to say anything about visa information that has been sent to the UKBA offices, so even they can't tell me if it's been received or not.

Sigh. This will be lesson one in patience, then.


Ok, ok. It's more like lesson #295721 in patience.

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  1. Hi, so, I randomly found your blog while desperately searching the internet for answers to my visa questions (and also looking for other incoming RVC students wading their way thru the visa application process), and it sounds like you're all squared away! I just did my biometrics appt last week, and I'm trying to wrap up my appendix 8 to send with the rest of my visa paperwork, and well, I'm not feeling totally confident that I've filled out all the blanks correctly (I know that makes me sound like an idiot, but I'm not; the whole visa application process just seems like it's been RIDICULOUSLY overcomplicated!). Would you mind if I emailed you some questions about how you knew what to put in some parts of the application?