29 August 2010

Last day at EXP.

The day started at 5:15am. Rolled out of bed, slipped on some sandals, got in my car, drove to Dunkin Donuts (necessary when awake so early...I'm going to die in vet school), and then drove to work. It was a day filled with dressing mannequins, hanging posters, moving fixtures, arranging denim and dressing more mannequins.

I did a lot of undressing and re-dressing of those pasty white mannequins. My thumbs hurt from buttoning all those size 0 denim leggings that almost don't fit the girls mannequins.

It was bittersweet. I will miss the ease of it all...mostly because I knew what I was doing while I was there, for the most part. And I will miss the people. My work family was so supportive throughout my application process and they were almost as excited as I was when I got into RVC. Plus, EXP is a great company to work for (and the discount isn't half bad, either).

12 days until my flight leaves. I'm half-packed and almost ready to go...and I don't think it's really fully hit me yet.

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